Slumber Party Birthday For Girls – Slumber Party Ideas and Games

Girls love slumber parties! Go beyond movies, munchies and staying up all night with these fun-filled sleepover party ideas for girls! For stress-free party planning, order your slumber party invitations, decorations and party favors and start planning!


You can create little pillows by folding squares of felt or craft foam in half to make pillow cases. If you don’t sew, use a stapler, glue gun or fabric glue to secure the side and bottom edge of the pillow case. Stuff with a little cotton. Write the invitation on a 3×5 card and slip it into the pillow. Or simply include a mini “message” pillow when delivering your slumber party invitations.

Slumber Party Decorations

Fill your party room with pillows, blankets, couch cushions, bean bag chairs, and stuffed animals. Be sure to designate a large space in your home for your slumber party by arranging furniture and other items to create a comfortable “hang-out” space. Scatter inflated balloons in the birthday girl’s favorite colors all over the floor. You can also hang pastel balloons (or other colors) and streamers from the ceiling and on the walls. For an additional touch, print out digital photos of your daughter (growing-up, crazy poses) to hang at various spots throughout the room.

Upon arrival, give each guest a personalized flashlight and a pair of slipper socks. Or use flashing strobe necklaces or princess headbands to greet your slumber party guests.

Slumber Party Activities

Make your own pillow case…

Purchase white pillow cases or have each girl bring one from home. Have die crayons (purchased at your local fabric store) on hand to decorate them. “Fix” the dye with a hot iron, according to instructions. There is no drying time required.

Star Lights

You’ll need:

Frozen juice can
Rubber bands
Dark paper
Cut both ends from the juice can.
Fold the paper and cut small stars, diamonds and circles… similar to making snowflakes, but with less holes.

Wrap the paper cut-outs around one end and secure it with a rubber band.

Insert a flashlight into the open end of the can.

Turn out the lights. Turn on the flashlights and shine it towards the ceiling or wall. The girls will enjoy seeing the shapes appear.

Slumber Party Games

Sleeping Beauty

Lay out a “bed” with a blanket on the floor. Designate a player to be “IT”. That player lays down on the blanket…and pretends to sleep. The other players try to wake her (make her laugh) with funny noises, songs, jokes, or phrases. When “IT” awakens, she then chooses the next player. If she stays asleep for the allotted time (usually one minute maximum), she wins a prize (plug bracelets, ring pops, cosmetic cases, or bubbles).

Black Magic

This is a game where there’s a secret. Two people have to be in on the secret for the game to work. One of the two people goes out of the room, and one stays in. The person in the room helps the group decide on an object. Then the other person comes back into the room and tries to guess what object was chosen. The person who remained in the room, let’s call her “Jo”, points to different things around the room, and say, “Is this it?” Then the “seeker”, let’s call her Sally, either says “yes” or “no”. The object can be anything, even a zipper or something discreet like that. The object of the game is for the other members of the group to figure out how Sally is guessing it, so don’t tell the secret to the group. The secret is: Sally knows what the chosen object is because Jo points to a BLACK object before she points to the chosen object, thus the name, “Black Magic”.

Food For Your Slumber Party

Most often at this age the girls just want to munch.

Provide a variety of fun and healthy “munchie” foods, such as

Veggies and dip
Or serve the never-failing chocolate and cheese fondue. Kids love it!

Slumber Party Gifts For Your Guests:

Flash lights
Night lights
Hair brushes
Digital photos taken during the party
Hot cocoa packets
Small boxes of breakfast cereal
Glow-in-the-dark accessories
Incorporating some of these ideas should make for a fantastic slumber party.

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