Great Game Ideas For Your Child’s Class Valentine’s Day Party

The Valentine’s Day party is a great party that a lot of kids look forward to every year. It’s full of fun and sweets, plus an afternoon without classroom work. What child wouldn’t enjoy that? If you have volunteered to organize the games for your child’s class party, here is a list of fun games that all the kids in the class are sure to enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Card Box Contest. What kid doesn’t enjoy a little competition? Give the instructions to the teacher a week or two before, that way the kids and their parents have plenty of time to come up with ideas and decorate their box. You could instruct them to use specific colors, such as red, pink, and white or you could limit what time of supplies they use. However you and the teacher decide would be the best way to go about it. The day of the class party you have all the kids vote on their favorite box. You can give away prizes for the best, the prettiest, the funniest, and the craziest boxes.
“I Love My Neighbor, Because…” Game. Have all the kids sit in a circle and give each child a pencil and a piece of paper. Instruct each child to write as many nice things as they can before the time is up about their classmate on their right. Tell them they can write things like, “Suzy always shares her crayons or Bobby always plays games fairly.” Once they understand the instructions, you can set the timer and let them get started. When the time is up, have each child find the Valentine’s Day box of the student they wrote about and put their list in their box. There really isn’t a winner or a loser in this game, it’s just a nice way for the students to be kind to each other.
“Guess How Many Kisses” Contest. Take a glass jar or container and fill in up with Hershey’s kisses. After the jar is full, dump them out and count them, so you know how many are in the jar. Take the jar to the class party and set it on a table with index cards and pencils. Have each child guess how many kisses are in the jar. The child who is the closest wins the whole jar of Hershey’s kisses.
The Incredible Heart Search. Spend the week before cutting out 25 to 30 paper hearts that look pretty much the same, (ex. same color, same size, same type of decorations, etc.), that way the kids won’t confuse them with other Valentine’s Day decorations in their classroom. After you cut them out, go the night before and put them up in their classroom. You can put some in plain sight, some under desktops, and some on the floor, just try to be discreet and be creative. The next day during the Valentine’s party, let the children go around the room and find as many hearts as they can. The child who finds the most hearts in the winner.
Heart Beat. Cut out enough papers hearts for each child and put instructions on the back and a piece of candy taped to the front. The instructions should say things like “hop like a bunny”, “skip in a circle”, or “touch your toes”. The day of the party divide the students up into two teams at one end of the room and at the other end of the room you put the hearts in a pile. Have the students “walk-race” to the end of the room where the hearts are and grab a heart. They must perform the action and then “walk-race” back to their team. Once they slap hands with the next classmate in line, that classmate will “walk-race” to the pile of hearts. This continues until one team wins for doing it the fastest.

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